Selected talks

LMA Marseille (Fall 2019)
Solving problems with a sign-changing coefficient
talk.pdf (521K)

Workshop MaNu (Fall 2017)
Analysis of the mathematical tools to perform nuclear core reactor simulations
talk.pdf (521K)

RICAM special semester workshop on Maxwell's Equations (Fall 2016)
Approximating the divergence of electromagnetic fields by edge elements
talk.pdf (521K)

Journées Singulières Augmentées JSA'13 (Summer 2013)
A practical tool to solve indefinite problems: T-coercivity (ter)
talk.pdf (870K)

INRIA Sophia-Antipolis (Spring 2013)
Convergence of the divergence of the electric field with edge elements
talk.pdf (336K)

Universities of Zürich & Nancy (Spring 2012)
A practical tool to solve indefinite problems: T-coercivity (bis)
talk.pdf (356K)

Universities of Nice & Paris 6 (Spring 2011)
A practical tool to solve indefinite problems: T-coercivity
talk.pdf (520K) (with Anne-Sophie Bonnet-BenDhia and Lucas Chesnel)

MAFELAP'09 (June 2009)
Electromagnetic wave propagation at classical material/meta-material interfaces
talk.pdf (796K)  (with Anne-Sophie Bonnet-BenDhia)

Universities of Rennes, Zürich, Nancy & Grenoble (Spring - Fall 2008)
Solving Maxwell's equations with the weighted regularization method and a Lagrange multiplier

MAFELAP'06 (June 2006)
Continuous Galerkin methods for solving electromagnetic eigenvalue problems
talk.pdf (832K)  (with Annalisa Buffa and Erell Jamelot)

University of Zürich (January 2006)
Continuous Galerkin methods for solving Maxwell equations in 3D
talk.pdf (1900K)  (with Erell Jamelot)

ENSTA (December 2004)
The singular complement method for solving Maxwell equations
talk.pdf (268K)

MAFELAP'03 (June 2003)
Augmented variational formulations for solving Maxwell equations
talk.pdf (320K)
results.pdf (164.K) (with Erell Jamelot)

CANUM'02 (May 2002)
Inf-sup condition for the P2-iso-P1 Taylor-Hood finite element
talk.pdf (180K) (with Vivette Girault)

University of Houston (March 2002) 
The singular complement method for solving the Laplace problem
talk.pdf (520K)