Research Activities

My research activities concern the static analysis by abstract interpretation of programs.
In particular, I am interested in the verification of hybrid systems written in Matlab/Simulink and numerical properties such as numerical precision.

During my PhD thesis, I defined a static analysis of Simulink models [7,5].
Simulink offers a convenient way to model and to simulate embedded systems that is embedded software and its physical environment.
Applying formal verification on Simulink models allows to validate embedded software taking into account a model of their execution environment.

During my ATER, I am working with Laurent-Stéphane Didier on the definition of a method to automatically transform floating-point programs into fixed-point equivalent ones. We focus our work on Simulink models.

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Projects and Collaborations

Teaching Activities

My teachings in computer science are mostly made at ENSTA Paris.
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DynIbex software

I am involved in the development of the DynIbex library. It aims at solving ordinary differential equations with validated Runge-Kutta methods.


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