Prof. Adriana TAPUS
Autonomous Systems and Robotics Lab
Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Current PhD Students

  • Timo Melman - TU Delft joint PhD Thesis

  • Chuang Yu - CSC Fellowship

  • Current Visiting Students

  • Chuande Liu, China - PhD student

  • Past Visiting Students/Researchers/Postdoctoral Students

  • Sean Andrist University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA - Chateaubriand Fellowship

  • Francois Ferland, University of Sherbrooke, Canada - PhD student/Postodoctoral Researcher

  • Mihaela Sorostineanu, Military Technical Academy, Romania - ERASMUS program

  • Roxana Lexutan, Military Technical Academy, Romania

  • Alumni

  • Dr. David Octavian Iacob - currently Researcher at ISL (Institut Franco-Allemand de Saint-Louis), France

  • Dr. Moad Kissai - currently Researcher at Renault and ENSTA Paris, France

  • Dr. Roxana Agrigoroaie

  • Prof. Francois Ferland - currently Assistant Professor at University of Sherbrooke, Canada

  • Dr. Pierre-Henri Orefice - currently Researcher at CEA, France

  • Sean Andrist - currently Researcher at Microsoft Research, USA

  • Dr. Arturo Cruz Maya - currently Researcher at SoftBank Robotics, France

  • Dr. Pauline Chevalier - currently Postdoctoral Fellow at Italian Institute of Technology, (IIT), Genoa, Italy

  • Dr. Arunkumar Ramaswamy - currently Researcher at Renault, France

  • Dr. Amir Aly - currently Postdoc Fellow at Emergent Systems Laboratory, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

  • Dr. Thi-Hai-Ha Dang - currently Research Engineer at EXTIA, France

  • Dr. Mustafa Suphi Erden - currently Postdoctoral Fellow at EPFL, Switzerland

  • Manuel Birlo - currently Software Engineer at Credit Suisse, Switzerland

  • Raluca-Elena Podiuc - currently Software Engineer at Daisy PI, USA

  • Erwan Renaudo - currently PhD Student at UPMC, France