Prof. Adriana TAPUS
Autonomous Systems and Robotics Lab
Institut Polytechnique de Paris


  • Participant interacting with the Kompai robot (New):

  • Videos

  • Video of stress measurement using face temperature variation with a thermal camera in HRI (New):

  • stress measurement using face temperature variation
  • Video of learning and adaptation (New):

  • learning and adaptation in multi-platforms
  • Video of Alice robot expressing social emotional states:

  • facial emotional expressions
  • video based emotion elicitation in a storytelling scenario
  • Video of Meka robot expressing gaze social behavior in a Hanoi Tower task:

  • personality based social gaze behavior
  • Video of Meka robot social gaze behavior:

  • random gaze, fixed gaze, and motion-oriented social gaze
  • Video of online human emotions detection with the Nao robot:

  • online human emotions detection
  • Video of prosody and head gesture mapping with the Nao robot:

  • prosody and head gesture mapping
  • Video of human-user movements mirroring with Nao robot:

  • mirroring
  • Videos of postural expressions of emotions with the Nao robot:

  • happiness
  • sadness
  • anger
  • Video of gesture imitation with the Nao robot:

  • gesture imitation
  • Data

  • Database of gestures used for dynamic gestures recognition

  • gestures database