Romain Monchaux

Assistant professor at ENSTA-ParisTech, Paris, France


I am currently working actively on transition to turbulence in shear flows and on the behaviour of inertial particles in homogeneous turbulence. An experimental plane Couette flow set-up has been built at ENSTA to study the transition to turbulence. This work is done with Marie Couliou who has started her PhD in October 2012. Work on inertial particles is done in collaboration with Mickael Bourgoin and Alain Cartellier from LEGI (Grenoble, France) for the experimental part and in collaboration with Anne Dejoan from CIEMAT (Madrid, Spain) for the numerical part.
I regularly offer training positions on both activities.

Training / PhD / Post Doc positions:

Transition to turbulence: PhD
Particles in turbulence: PhD
Particles in turbulence (short): PhD
Particles in turbulence: Post-Doc


Here you can find some interesting links:

To my institution website: ENSTA web site, to this practical page written by Laurette Tuckerman.


GDR Turbulence
COST Action Particles in turbulence
GDR Phenix

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