3D BEM-accelerated solvers for linear acoustics and elastodynamics (main programmer, so far 200 000 lines of Fortran 90). The 3-D acoustic and elastodynamic equations are solved with the boundary element method accelerated by the multi-level fast multipole method or H-matrix based fast solvers. The fundamental solutions for the infinite space are used in this implementation. A boundary element-boundary element coupling strategy is also implemented so multi-region problems (strata inside a valley for example) can be solved. An introductive documentation is available at the end of my PhD dissertation. Registered with the APP under number. IDDN.FR.001.250012.000.S.P.2015.000.31235


Fast Approximate Inverse Medium Solver (full implementation, 5 000 lines of Matlab). The inverse problem is formulated with a Lippmann-Schwinger integral equation (Born Approximation). We use a SVD to solve the 3-D inverse problem. The direct computation of the SVD would be too expensive if a lot of data needs to be combined. We have proposed a method based on the coupling of a randomized SVD and a recursive SVD to reduce CPU time and memory requirements.