ICRA 2014
Workshop on Affective Haptics for Human-Robot Interaction
Hong Kong, China
May 31 - June 7, 2014

Here's the schedule:

9h15-9h30: Opening and registration

9h30-11h00: Session 1
9h30h-10h00: Mehdi Ammi - Haptics and Emotional Interaction
10h00-10h30: Kheddar Ahderrahmane - Human-robot Joint Actions
10h30-11h00: Andrea Cherubini - See and Touch: Vision-Haptic Control for Safe Human-Robot Interaction

11h-11h30: Coffee Break

11h30-12h30: Challenges in Affective Haptics - moderator: Mehdi Ammi

12h30-14h: Lunch Break

14h-15h30: Session 2
14h00-14h30: Niza Ouarti - Haptic Perception
14h30-15h: Adriana Tapus - Social Robotics: Learning and Robot Behavior Adaptation
15h-15h30: Masahiko Inami - Augmented Human

15h30-16h: Coffee Break

16h-17h: Panel of Discussion: What's next and how to embody robots with social affective haptics?