Benjamin Cotté
Institute of Mechanical Sciences and Industrial Applications
UMR 9219 (CNRS - ENSTA Paris - EDF - CEA)
828 bd des Maréchaux - F-91120 Palaiseau
Ph.: +33(0)169319904
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I am currently an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Mechanical Sciences and Industrial Applications (IMSIA UMR 9219) of ENSTA Paris. ENSTA Paris is a member of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris

You can also visit my Researchgate and HAL profiles to obtain more information on my research activities.

Research topics

1. Noise generation mechanisms in the context of rotating machines

Context open rotors: wind turbines, marine propellers, ...

1.1 Experimental characterization of dynamic stall noise

Funding DGA AEROAC and ANR PIBE (Prédire l'Impact du Bruit des Eoliennes).
Postdoc David Raus (2019-2021) and PhD thesis Lisa Sicard (2020-...) Collaboration with Michel Roger, Emmanuel Jondeau and Pascal Souchotte of LMFA at Ecole Centrale de Lyon.
Dynamic stall noise measurement setup Spectrogram of the noise from an oscillating airfoil
Dynamic stall noise measurement setup in the anechcoic chamber of Ecole Centrale de Lyon Spectrogram of the noise for a NACA 0012 airfoil oscillating at a frequency of 0.66Hz between 0 and 30 degrees (means angle of attack of 15 degrees, Reynolds of 200,000)

1.2 Wind Turbine Noise Modeling Based on Amiet's Theory

PhD thesis of Yuan Tian (MESR 2012-2016)

Trailing edge noise and turbulent inflow noise - Effects of wind shear and atmospheric turbulence

Spectrum of sound power level Directivity of wind turbine noise
Third octave band spectrum of sound power level meaured by DTU and calculated (left), and horizontal directivity of wind turbine overall sound pressure level (right) in a neutral atmosphere (Tian and Cotté, 2016)

2. Long range atmospheric propagation of wind turbine noise

2.1 Extended source model for wind turbine noise

Need to account for the motion of the blades and to the source to correctly predict the amplitude modulation of wind turbine noise.

Also, the size of the shadow zone is overpredicted when the point source approximation is used.

Spectrum of sound power level Directivity of wind turbine noise
Maps of the overall sound pressure level with the Amiet-PE extended source model (left) and with the pouint source approximation (right) in a neutral atmosphere (Cotté, 2019)

2.2 Auralization of wind turbine noise

PhD thesis of David Mascarenhas (2020-...) within the ITN VRACE (Virtual Reality Audio for Cyber Environments).

3. Vibroacoustics and sound synthesis of musical instruments

3.1 Computer-aided design of piano soundboards (MAESSTRO project)

Funding ANR: visit project website at

Postdoc Benjamin Elie (2019)
Block diagram of the software architecture Block-diagram of the MAESSTRO software architecture.
(Elie et al., ISMA 2019)

3.2 Time-domain damping models for transient vibroacoustic response prediction and sound synthesis using digital filters

Funding DGA - Postdoc Augustin Parret-Fréaud (2014-2016)

Damping model nylon Real and imaginary parts of the complex Young's modulus measured by Collet et al. (2013) and of the associated digital filter response
(Parret-Fréaud et al., MSSP 2016)

3.3 Vibroacoustics and sound synthesis of the piano

Collaboration with Antoine Chaigne and Roberto Viggiano
Velocity field on piano soundboard Example of vibration localization measured on an upright piano soundboard
(Chaigne et al., J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 2013)
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