Members of SSH Team are mainly involved in Computer Science courses at ENSTA Paris. We work out the contents of teaching, we ensure the courses of some of these lessons and we call upon outside contributors for the other ones.

Senior year Bachelor

  • MO101: Introduction to Unix
  • IN101: Algorithmics and Programming (in Python)
  • IN102: C Language
  • IN103: Algorithms

Computer Science (MSc year 1)

  • MO201: Introduction to Unix
  • IN213: Principles of programming languages and compilation

Robotics, Artificial intelligence, and Cyber-security (MSc year 2)

  • ROB301: Models and automatic code generation for embedded software
  • ROB305: Real-time Operating Systems
  • PIC-IS: System engineering: a case study

Research Master (MSc year 2)

We are involved in several resarch-oriented master-level programs. Depending on the cases, we act as co-managers, or by sending students to them.

  • CPS Master track of IP Paris
    • Analysis and resolution of ordinary and algebraic differential equations
    • Algorithms for satisfiability Boolean formulas