My PhD work

I have been working (from March 1997 to February 2000), with Xavier Leroy on a static analysis to detect uncaught exceptions in Objective Caml  programs. This means being able to statically analyze a language with most of the usual programming paradigms :

  • Higher order functions,
  • Imperative control structures,
  • Higher order modules system,
  • First-class exception values,
  • Exceptions with arguments,
  • Objects.
  • My thesis report, "Détection statique d'exceptions non rattrapées en Objective Caml" is now available online. Two files can be found, first a summary (in Postscript gzip-ed), and then the full report (also in Postscript gzip-ed format). For the moment, only a French version is available, but some papers, in English, describing this work are also available in my publications section.

    OcamlExc, is freely available as an OCaml sources tarball here. Version 1.0.1 is an update of the initial release with no additional features except ... it compiles with the latest OCaml version (and a minor bug was also fixed). This package contains the sources and the documentation as man pages.

    The CamlTk library is required to build the graphical user interface allowing an easier presentation of the results of the analysis. The official version of this library is not compatible with new versions of various used libraries. I patched it to have it compiling again but I didn't yet provide these changes to the OCaml repository. Take the right version of CamlTk here.

    April 2012