David Filliat

ENSTA Paris - Computer Science and System Engineering Laboratory



  • Hugo Caselle-Dupré (PhD 2018-...): Incremental learning of sensori-motor contingencies. Funded by Softbank Robotics. Supervised with Mickael Garcia-Ortiz.
  • Florence Carton (PhD 2017-...,): Exploration of deep reinforcement learning for vision based robot control. Supervised with Jaonary Rabarisoa
  • Vyshakh Palli Thazha (PhD 2017-...): Learning data fusion for autonomous vehicles. Funded by Renault. Supervised with Hervé Illy.
  • Timothée Lesort (PhD 2017-...): Incremental Deep Learning Detection and Classification Methods in a Robotic Context. Funded by THALES. Supervised with Jean-Francois Goudou.

Former Students



The objective of the EVAPS project (Eco mobility by Autonomous Vehicles in the Paris-Saclay area) is to develop Disruptive Intelligent Mobility services to cover peri-urban journeys, in autonomous driving, without driver, on dedicated lanes and private sites, with two types of electric vehicles: cars and shuttle.


DANGUN is an ITEA 3 project on the development on a autonomous vehicle. We are developping a teleoperation capacity for these vehicles.


DREAM (Deferred Restructuring of Experience in Autonomous Machines) is a H2020 european robotic project that incorporates sleep and dream-like processes within cognitive architecture. I am the leader of WorkPackage 2 "Representation Restructuring".

Former Projects


In the frame of the ROMEO 2 project, led by Aldebaran Robotics, we develop RGB-D object recongition and semantic mapping approaches for the ROMEO robot.


We developped exploration and semantic mapping approaches in the frame of the french competition organized by ANR and DGA.


We developped social and developmental learning of perception capabilities on an iCub robot.