Aeroacoustics and propagation in inhomogeneous media

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Collaborators : Yuan Tian (PhD student, 2012-2016), Philippe Lafon (EDF R&D, 2015-…), Tommy Rigall (PhD student, 2017-…), Gilles Serre (Naval Group, 2017-…), Nicolas Trafny (PhD student, 2018-…)

  • Modeling of broadband aeroacoustic sources using analytical models and acoustic analogies: application to trailing edge noise and turbulence inflow noise on wind turbine blades and marine propellers
  • Computational Aeroacoustic methods: direct noise simulations and hybrid methods based on incompressible flow simulations
  • Study of unstable regimes of wind turbine noise : amplitude modulation, dynamic stall noise
  • Acoustic propagation in the atmospheric boundary layer : modeling based on the parabolic equation and the time-domain solution of the linearized Euler equations

Related articles and presentations :

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