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Julien Alexandre dit Sandretto
Associate Professor
Semantics of Hybrid System
Computer Science and System Engineering Department
ENSTA - ParisTech
828, Boulevard des Maréchaux
91762 Palaiseau Cedex
Office: R.2.25
Julien Alexandre dit Sandretto
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Main research field : how manage uncertainties and provide certification in parameter identification, simulation, modeling, control, etc.


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  • 2015, Douglas Piccani de Souza, Appropriate Design of a Hovercraft, Master thesis
  • 2016, Adeline Rousse, Robust and encrypted communication for a RC plane, Master Internship
  • 2016, Sergio Rodriguez, Experimental platform for multi-robot control, Master Internship
  • 2016, Robin Morier, SAT modulo ode, Master Internship
  • 2016, Lei Zhu, Validated parameter identification of differential equations, Master Internship
  • 2016, Xiang Wang, Design of a UTV, Master Internship
  • 2017, Wangfan Li, Calibration of a Hovercraft, Master thesis
  • 2017, Adrien Bisutti, SAT modulo theory and ODEs, Master thesis

  • May 2018 - Now : Associate Professor at ENSTA
  • March 2014-May 2018 : Postdoctoral researcher at ENSTA
  • June 2010-September 2013 : Phd student at Inria Sophia-Antipolis (team Coprin-Jean-Pierre Merlet)
  • June 2007-June 2010 : Project manager in Defense industry
  • 2002-2006 : Engineer student at Polytech'Grenoble
Julien Alexandre dit Sandretto is associate professor in the Semantics of Hybrid System team at ENSTA ParisTech, Palaiseau, France. He is also associate member of the Cosynus team, part of the LIX laboratory at Ecole Polytechnique. He received the Bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France, in 2002 and the Eng. degree in Industrial Computing and Instrumentation from Polytechnic school of Grenoble, France, in 2006. In 2013, he obtained his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France. His research interests deal with verification methods in presence of uncertainties. He currently focuses on parameter identification, simulation, modeling and control problems for cyber-physical systems.

  • Dynibex : First release of our plugin for Ibex allowing validated integration based on explicit and implicit Runge-Kutta schemes


  • Chair of SWIM'19 website
  • Organizer of TNC'18 workshop TNC'18
  • Program Committee of CyPhy'17, CyPhy'18 and CyPhy'19
  • Member of American Mathematical Society
  • Erdös number 3 (Paul Erdös - Brendan D. McKay - Jean-Pierre Merlet - Me)

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